Motorcycling with a Hennessy Hammock

lee wheelerHey! Is that a Hennessy Hammock t-shirt that guy is wearing?

The great thing about motorcycles and Hennessy Hammocks is that they both encourage spontaneity and adventure. Whether you are planning a trip frm Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, going around the World, or kept in a pannier for "just-in-case" campouts, You can take off knowing that you always have a comfortable shelter with you when you decide to stop for the night.  It packs down to the size of a loaf of bread and the low key colors make it possible to camp unobtrusively.  The fast set-up time means you don't have to start planning hours ahead for a place to sleep.

The hex fly is a popular choice for motorcycle campers because it provides shelter not only for your hammock but your bike as well.

Letters from Motorcyclists

Check out this special set-up with a 4-wheeler!

adventure motorcyclingI just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful product. I'm an adventure rider and the Hennessy is absolutely ideal for the stealthcamping I do. I'm off in winter for a trip that will go through thecentral deserts with freezing overnight temps up to tropical NorthernTerritory and I know that I only need a sleeping bag and hammock to dothe whole journey in comfort. That is, with the addition of the underpad system which I will order later in the year when I need it.

Thanks again, Ross McKay

under the pipeline

Hello. I bought three hammocks from you guys over the past few years and we love them. I was looking around on the website today and much to my surprise came across a photo I sent in. It is a photo of the hammock hanging from the Alaska pipeline when my husband Nat Baldwin and my son Levi Baldwin began their 6 month motorcycle trip from Prudoe Bay, Alaska to South America. I was so stoked to see the photo on your site. They used the hammocks all the way down the Americas and they were awesome. My guys ran into a lot of backpack and cycle travelers on their trip and everyone wanted their Hennessy Hammocks. Hopefully we generated some business for ya. We are huge Hennessy fans.

Debbie Baldwin 

Petoskey Park

Just wanted to pass along this latest photo from Petoskey State Park in Michigan. My brother and I a couple of weeks ago on our yearly road bike trip. The state park worked well to stop for the evening with the storm that was coming through. Between my two other brothers and myself, we have purchased 5 Hennessy Hammocks... a very lightweight, convenient, and practical way to camp, no matter how we travel.

Best Regards, John Taylor

A panoramic view and comfortable place to nap, rest or sleep the night.

A few months ago I purchased a Hennessy Hammock, Expedition Asym I believe it is, with snake-skins to take on my motorcyling trips here in Mexico. It works beautifully.

harley and a hammockTakes much less space than a tent and without the problem of the poles, but that's far from the most important characteristic. The setup instructions, especially the knot diagram on the bag seem confusing and unnecessary, now that I'm used to setting it up. The fact is it takes a minute to set up, once you've chosen the trees or whatever you're going to hang it on. After wrapping the flat strap around the tree, several slipknots each end and it's done. It has to be visible horizontal when up for even slim trees are strong enough. It's so fast I often stop in the strangest places, with the best views, even on steep slopes to take a nap and continue the drive when rested. From the start, I've used snakeskins. people who watch as I set up or leave are impressed at the ease and speed, as well as the small size of the packed hammock.

I feel the most important advantage is the view. You can hardly ever pick a place to set up a tent with the kind of views you can when setting up a hammock. Sometimes, if it's close to dark, I'll start looking out for beautiful places, next to some farmhouse or home. I knock and ask people if I can set my hammock up on their land, pointing to whatever spot I like. They always say yes, though they can get curious. Some places here are truly infested with mosquitoes. They can bite even through the cloth, so it is important to have more than one layer between mosquito country outside and your body. Other than that, one is completely protected and still sleeping out under the moon and stars, in view of the sea or mountains. The motorcycle is also dark green and thus makes everything basically disappear from sight.

For motorcycling, camping and travel in warm climates, it seems to me these hammocks are not just a good added component to gear, but more like a travel style transformer. Today I rarely keep driving when tired and thus enjoyt each trip more. It's save me a lot of money on hotels, because it's much easier to stop and camp safely, next to some farm and without affecting nature or anyone.

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