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A lot of people who hunt and fish have found the Hennessy Hammock to be a great piece of gear for their hunting and fishing trips.  Hunters see the value of a lightweight piece of gear that, after setting up a base camp, can be used to go further into the bush to establish a secondary campsite each night so that they can be exactly where they want to be at first light.  Hennessy Hammocks are made in shades of grey, brown and green to blend in with the environment.  Some camo patterns are also in demand by hunters.

Fishermen also find it easier to get to distant fishing sites with light weight gear or to take a nap alongside the stream while waiting for the next hatch.


Dear Hennessy Hammock, I have been camping for as long as I can remember, but have always had to sleep on the hard, uncomfortable ground, which no number of foam mats could improve. I saw your hammock on the internet and was somewhat sceptical, but I received your hammock for Christmas after dropping some serious hints to my parents. I have since used it whenever possible when I go out on hunting trips. Despite my scepticism I found them both comfortable and also warm when used with good sleeping bags. The design is ingenious and yet not ridiculously technical that it requires a hundred page manual. Putting it up and taking it down is fast and simple. I have used it in the English winter under snow and found it stands up to the weather like anything. I am attaching a picture of a fairly luxurious set up that my friend and I did a few weeks ago, for which your hammocks were indispensible. Trees are easier to find than comfortable ground! Thanks, Charlie Jessop (England)

My first night on the Chemins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle West of Le Puy.  Even though this land has been occupied and farmed for more than 2000 years I'll bet nobody has slept OVER this stream.  There was no place I could have pitched a tent.  I needed to be out of sight and over this stream was the best option available.
John Lunde

FYI- I received your hammock as a gift and finally had a chance to use it this weekend. We went down the lower Deschutes River on a Steelhead fishing trip. Most of the camp sites have trees(shade) along the river so setting it up was no problem. The unique entry worked perfectly, but the best part was the comfort and openess due to the bug netting. I got to see Mars through the screening and woke without the backache I went to bed with. Perfect for snake protection and doesn't require or compete for the few flat spots available in these campsites. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Burr Richards


Field & Stream's 4th Annual "Best of the Best" Awards have honoured the HENNESSY HAMMOCK as "one of the 19 best outdoor products for 2001"

At 2 1/4 pounds, the Hennessy Expedition Hammock is a survival shelter, a comfortable alternative to a tent - particularly in wet or rocky country - or a cozy place for a streamside nap before the evening hatch. With its rain fly and built-in bug netting, the hammock will admirably isolate you from weather and uninvited guests.

Its unique feature, however, is a lateral, Velcro-sealed entrance slit. Stick your upper body through the slit, sit down in the hammock and draw up your legs. Tension keeps the slit closed while you are sleeping, and the Velcro dissuades the bugs from getting in when the hammock is empty.

Actual set-up time is under three minutes. If you stretch the hammock tight and stabilize it with its two lateral guy lines, you don't need to sleep in the typical hammock fetal position but can stretch out, sort of catty-cornered, and sleep deep... ZZZZzzzzz.

Lionel Atwill

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