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February 2017     

Tim Munns from Poulsbo, WA

For his prize, Tim chose an Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip with 72” webbing straps and a Hex Asymmetrical 30D Silnylon Rainly he also added Radiant Double Bubble Pad, XL Snakeskins, Water Collector and a Hennessy Hammock T-Shirt for his accessories

A note from Tim:

I am an avid fan and frequent user of my Expedition Asym hammock.  Whether I’m using it in the backcountry during my rides or relaxing in the backyard, I love my hammock!  Last summer, when I rode the Washington BDR with a couple of friends, I introduced them to my hammock tent and told them they were crazy to sleep on the ground.  One particular night while setting up camp, a front passed through. The gusty winds proved challenging for my friends as they setup their “instant" tents.  I breezed through setting up my hammock.  Needless to say, my companions were duly impressed at how easy it was to setup and even more at how comfortable it was.  I looked forward to camp each night and relaxing in my hammock after riding all day.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to share with you my dream hammock setup.  I’m grateful for my great luck at winning!

January 2017     

Simon Keilty from Charlotte, NC

For his prize, Rick chose an Explorer Ultralite Zip with a silnylon Typhoon Rain Fly and 76 inch webbing straps.  He added a Bubble Pad XL, Water Collectors and a set of Snake Skins as accessories.

December 2016    

Richard Alborough from Kent, England

For his prize, Richard chose a Survivor hammock with an additional explorer ultralite rain fly and 96” webbing straps.  He also added a Supershelter, Snake Skins and Water Collectors to his set up. 

A note from Richard:

I'll be doing the Camino Portuguese on my own, a relaxed bike tour with girlfriend in France or Germany following the Danube or Rhine. I'll also be walking the West Highland Way in Scotland with some friends and brother, bike packing the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca, and maybe more bike packing in Spain. also some smaller trips here in UK in England, Wales and further North as warm ups. And some kayak touring with girlfriend and some friends which is something new for us, a different and exciting way to appreciate the outdoors! So lots to look forward to, and the lighter gear will be amazing! :) Maybe I'll ride up that hill next time! I'll also be able to introduce girlfriend to the joys of hammock camping, not with my new one though ;) Thankyou so much to Hennessy and especially Keltie for helping with the gear choices and answering all my questions, I've felt like a kid in a sweet shop with the golden ticket and can't wait to use it all!

November 2016     

Rick Kapitan from Wesley Chapel NC

Rick chose a Deep Jungle XL with a Poly Typhoon Rain Fly and 76 inch webbing straps.  He added a Bubble Pad XL, Water Collectors and a set of Snake Skins as accessories

October 2016                                                                                                         

Ace Trask from Baltimore, OH

Ace chose a Jungle Safari Zip with a Poly Hex Rain Fly and 72 inch webbing straps.  He added a Bubble Pad XL, Water Collectors and two set of Snake Skins as accessories

September 2016                                                                                              

David Kuhnly from Silver City, NM

David chose an Explorer Ultralite Classic with a Silnyon Hex Rain Fly and 72 inch webbing straps.  He added two Water Collectors and two set of Snake Skins as accessories

August 2016                                                                                                             

Jimmy O’Cain from Foley, AL

Jimmy chose an Explorer Deluxe Classic with a Poly Hex Fly.  He added a Supershelter #2 Classic for insulation and Water Collectors and a set of Snake Skins as accessories.

July 2016                                                                                                            

Steve Foltz from Gerrardstown, WV

For his set up, Steve chose a Deep Jungle XL and Silnylon Hex Fly with an XL Bubble Pad for chilly nights.  He also added Water Collectors and a set of Snake Skins as accessories.

June 2016                                                                                                          

Tom Caddoo from Denver, NC

For his set up, Tom chose an Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip with a Silnylon Hex Fly for added protection from the wind and rain as he often camps in poor weather.  He also added Water Collectors and a set of Snake Skins as accessories.

May 2016                                                                                                              

Elena Moll from Naples, FL

For her set up, Elena chose a Deep Jungle hammock with a Silnylon Hex Fly.  She also added a Bubble Pad, Water Collectors and a set of Snake Skins as her accessories.

April 2016                                                                                                          

Paula Barger from Indianapolis, IN

For her set up, Paula chose an Expedition Asym Classic with a Supershelter #1 Classic and a set of Snake Skins.

March 2016                                                                                                    

Richard Burkett from Davenport, IA

For his set up, Richard chose to go with a Deep Jungle XL with a Silnylon Hex Fly and 96” Webbing Straps.  He also added a Supershelter #2 Zip and a Radiant Bubble Pad XL for cold weather and a set of Snake Skins and Water Collectors as accessories. 

February 2016                                                                                               

Marguerite Bevis from Spring, TX

Marguerite chose a Jungle Expedition Zip and Radiant Bubble Pad for her set up. She also added a set of Snake Skins and a set of Water Collectors as her accessories.

January 2016                                                                                                    

Diana Ross from Reisterstown, MD

Diana chose a Jungle Explorer Zip with a Typhoon Rain Fly and Bubble pad XL.  She also added two sets of Snake Skins and a set of Water Collectors as her accessories.

December 2015                                                                                                   Eric Militello from Lockport, NY

For his set up, Eric chose a Jungle Expedition Zip and added a Supershelter #1 Zip, Over Cover #1 and Radiant Double Bubble Pad for those cold winter nights camping.  He also added extra-long Webbing Straps, Snake Skins and a set of Water Collectors for his accessories. 

November 2015
Daniel Dunlap, Washington

After winning the December Gearmail drawing, I was given the chance to build my dream HH. My selection was geared toward a universal application in extreme wet, extreme cold, desert and temperate climates. I chose the Explorer Ultralight Zip with the Typhoon rain fly and a Super Shelter. Together with my hydrophobic goose down sleeping bag, I should be able to scale the cold and weather proofing up or down at will. I can't wait to get my package and test it out above 6000 feet on Mount Rainier this winter, then in the Hot Rain Forrest this Summer... and maybe even in the Mojave Desert this spring!

Thanks HH!

October 2015
Doris Gallas, British Columbia 

Doris chose the Explorer Ultralite ZIP model with an upgraded 30D Silnylon Typhoon Fly, Bubble Pad XL and 72'' webbing straps for those big BC trees!

September 2015

David Bock, New Jersey

David went for low pack weight and versatility with the Explorer Ultralight Classic hammock with the Supershelter #2 Classic and the usual Snake skins and H2O collectors.  

August 2015

Bart Bula, Ireland

Bart selected the Jungle Safari ZIP with the 30D Silnylon Hex Fly.  He will be using the hammock mostly in the local Irish wilderness (mainly the Wicklow Mountains) and on occasional trips to more adventurous (and warmer) destinations.  Bart already has a Deep Jungle XL which has served him well in Pantanal. 

July 2015
Rick Paulson, Minnesota 

July's winner, Rick, selected the Jungle Safari ZIP with a 30D Silnylon Hex Fly and 72'' Webbing straps.  I think we're seeing a pattern here!  Rick plans to use this gear in California camping in Yosemite and the giant redwoods.

June 2015
Tony Love, Tennessee 

Tony's choice for his Gearmail prize was the Jungle Explorer ZIP with a 30D Silnylon Hex Fly, and 72'' webbing straps.

May 2015
Larry Sweeney, Nova Scotia
Larry selected the Explorer Ultralite Classic hammock with 30D Hex Fly upgrade, 96'' webbing straps and a Supershelter #2 ZIP for insulation.

April 2015
Brandon Butler, Missouri
For his Gearmail prize Brandon selected the Survivor hammock in Multicam.  He also outfitted the hammock with a Hex Fly, Supershetler #2 Classic and of course Snake skins and H2O collectors.

March 2015
Sven Hafemeister, British Columbia
Sven is a Smoke Jumper from Fort St. John and plans to use his hammock setup while fighting fires in BC and Washington State.  For his prize he selected the Multicam Survivor, a Hex Fly, 96'' webbing straps and the Bubble Pad XL.

February 2015
Jim Moore, New York
Jim Lives in the upstate NY area.  He and his family will be using this setup with their other hammocks mainly in the Adirondack area.  Jim also enjoys fishing trips up into Canada.  His most memorable trip with a Hennessy Hammock was down into the mountains of Peru.  He was with a small group that all had Hennessy Hammocks and they found them be so easy to set up and get a sound night of sleep not worrying about the rocky terrain and levelness below them.  Jim chose the Deep Jungle XL with the 30D Silnylon Hex fly.

January 2015
Susan Desin, Arizona
Susan chose a stealthy Multicam Survivor hammock with an XL bubble pad for insulation as well as Snake skins and H2O collectors.

December 2014
Richard Johns, New Zealand
Richard is an avid hunter who has used hammocks all his life. He is excited to add a Hennessy Hammock to his kit.  Richard hunts and camps all over Australia and New Zealand and is looking forward to using his Hennessy Hammock on an upcoming trip to Stewart Island.  He selected the Survivor in Multicam as well as the Supershelter #2 Classic and Snake skins.

November 2014
Katie O'Keefe, Missouri
Katie is from St. Louis, MO and will use this hammock set up for backpacking trips in the Ozarks and along the Meramac River. She has never used a hammock as a shelter before but is excited to try it.  She chose the Explorer Deluxe ZIP with a Silnylon Hex Fly and an XL Bubble Pad to keep the chill off.

October 2014
Kevin Barker, Ontario
Kevin does most of his camping in late spring and early fall in Algonquin Park in Ontario.  He chose the Deep Jungle XL as his Gearmail prize. He is also very grateful for the Supshelter when using his hammock on those cold nights when he sometimes wakes up to snow on the ground! He also uses his hammocks as extra bedrooms at his parents cottage at 6 Mile Lake. Kevin is six and a half feet tall and finds the the larger model hammocks nice and roomy and very comfortable for him.

September 2014
Linda Cross, Colorado
Linda goes camping a couple of weekends a month all around Colorado but mostly in Rocky Mountain National Park.  She and her husband love to take their grandson camping and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities.  Linda chose the new Jungle Safari ZIP with H2O Collectors and Snake skins.

August 2014
Ricardo Brito, Ireland
Ricardo currently uses his Hennessy Hammock on many island camping and fishing trips in Lough Corrib near Galway where the weather can be very unpredictable (local people say you can get the four seasons in one day) .  His  choice of rainfly and supershelter will  provide more protection from the elements then his current set up.  Ricardo selected the Explorer Ultralite ZIP, Silynlon Typhoon fly, and the Supershelter #2 ZIP.

July 2014
Kevin Couves, British Columbia

Kevin chose the new Jungle Safari ZIP model with the Bubble Pad XL, 96'' webbing straps and a Silnylon Hex Fly.


June 2014 - Jeff Kramer, New York

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